Michael pushed Scottie to the limit and the result became a dynasty.
Michael pushed Scottie to the limit and the result became a dynasty.










I’ve always thought Scottie Pippen has been disrespected by fans. It’s also been very over looked that he and Michael Jordan were an amazing duo. In a June 11th article on Bill Simmons nailed the harmony the two players shared. In referring to a streak in which Jordan had not lost three straight games between December 1990 through the 1998 season, Simmons writes:

Re watching Finals games Jared Adams would say, "there were several plays where you can confuse Scottie and MJ."
Re watching Finals games Jared Adams would say, “there were several plays where it was difficult to tell MJ and Scottie apart.”












“Jordan’s genius during that run , at least for me, was in how beautifully he meshed with Scottie Pippen. You watched them together, running around in tandem and it was almost like Jordan spawned his own clone. Like Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. Only in this case , Pippen was two inches taller. Pippen moved like Michael, saw the court like Michael, jumped passing lanes like Michael and blended with Michael’s game like a non identical twin. It was crazy. I will never forget watching it for the rest of my life. Bird and Magic were geniuses, too, but shit, they never figured out how to replicate themselves.”

Bravo Bill Simmons.
Jay C. Brandriet




  1. Wow, those are my thoughts exactly. People talk about Duos, but most of the times those duos have been complimentary, like stockton and malone or Kareem and Magic. Shaq and kobe were great, but they didnt actually created a good synergy. Wade and Lebron were really good too, but they didnt last that much, and didnt meshed as well as we all thought they would. Same with Westbrook and Durant, great talents, but it seems that they all play their own game,

    Jordan and Pippen were different: they both had otherwordly atheticism and played with a physical grace and plasticity that is still unheard of, they played like if everything was in slow motion. I used to say they were kinetic artists. It was as if they formed a two headed monster that was even bigger than the sum of its parts. Jordan usually dominated the game offensively while pippen shared part of the load, did all the small things and dominated defensively, but those roles could and often were reversed, and it worked the same way. Also, contrary with other tandems, jordan´s ego knew no boundaries while pippen´s ego knew its boundaries. It always seemed that Jordan was confident in that Pippen wouldnt try to take over him, and because of that, Jordan treated Pippen as an equal. that cannot be said with Kobe and Shaq for example.

    All in all, without question, the best duo ever

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