Jay C. Brandriet


LeBron James has hit the point where he is only compared to legends of the past. His name is involved in daily G.O.A.T. conversations. What matters most is who you have to face in your time. There is a simpler way to measure how dominant LeBron has been. Think about Kevin Durant.

Kevin will thrive in the NBA for years to come. If we paused his career today, he’s a top 20 ever type. KD is a unique, all time great.

2012 NBA FINALS: LeBron let the NBA know that he was King. His Miami Heat handled Kevin’s Oklahoma City team in five games. Durant did his part scoring over 30 a game, and shooting 55 percent from the floor. James was the best player in the world. KD was the second best.

2013-2016: This was Durant’s OKC prime. He became a better defender and passer. He was the NBA MVP. He delivered scoring title number four, dropping a ridiculous 32 points a night. KD was like a better Dirk. He was part of deep playoff runs. He was still the second best.

2017 NBA FINALS: We had adjusted to Durant having joined the Golden State Warriors. Kawhi Leanord was now in this conversation. KD had been amazing all year, and had another shot at LeBron in the NBA Finals. James was now a Cleveland Cavalier and had Kyrie Irving by his side. Golden State took down the Cavs four games to one. KD was the man! It was truly his moment. He made the two signature buckets of the series to close out game three. He took home his first Finals MVP trophy.

The series ended. James was walking into the tunnel with another championship loss. I paused the TV to soak something in. I remember thinking James physical impact still outweighs KD’s gifts. Durant was the best player in the Finals, but was still the second best in the NBA.

I’m a KD fan. LeBron is just a big shadow to get around.








2018 NBA FINALS: Kevin got a second straight shot at LeBron in June. The Warriors were heavy favorites and made Vegas look smart. It was a four game sweep. Durant was once again named the most valuable player. James hurt his hand irresponsibly after game one. He lost steam in game four. Kevin was rolling, and right on schedule made clutch memories at the end of game three. This is where they switch in ranking right? This is the peak of being able to argue that Durant is better than James. He’s still number two.

There are some things Durant does better. He still has a little time to catch or pass him. He’s  just played his best when it matters most, twice. He is still not as good as King James. It’s fun comparing LBJ to guys from thirty years ago. To see LeBron’s true greatness, just look at Kevin Durant.

Jay C. Brandriet


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