Jay C. Brandriet



Does anyone else find it odd LeBron James has been told he “doesn’t have to win this year.”? This is the same finely aged James that carried and dragged his team to the NBA Finals less than four months ago. I want to say this is the same guy who one-quarter of NBA fans think is the G.O.A.T.

The narrative around this L.A. squad all summer has been “they can’t win it this year.” And… “they don’t have to win it this year.” I’m also told they will be a third or fourth seed but still….can’t win it?? Like the season is over at Halloween? Are you overlooking the Lakers or making excuses for the King? I think both are true. The Lakers feel sneaky good. LeBron fans are setting the bar low, so anything special he does can be amplified.

I understand this is a large hill to climb.

When players join each other on new clubs, time is needed to identify themselves.

On paper, they seem to lack three-point shooters.

We all get it’s the Golden State Warriors title to lose. They are so loaded with skill, and have been three vital things to LeBron’s basketball journey. They have been his toughest hurdle and sweetest conquest. They also help his apologists justify his June short comings.

The Western conference is a slug fest. The Rockets are full of firepower, the Jazz. are built beautifully, the Thunder, and a boat load of stars.

The Eastern conference champ will be a handful to deal with.


LeBron James is still near his very best. He is compared to MJ daily. Telling me he “can’t win” is more of an agenda, than a take.










On LeBron’s level, there isn’t time for seasons with “no chance.”

Let’s think about this L.A. club that now surrounds LBJ. On media day James said this about the following teammates.

Rajon Rondo: “Competitor. Sometimes you see yourself in someone on the opposing side, that’s where you think it’s crazy if you ever teamed up with that type of cerebral mentality where you know what’s happening on the floor every possession.”

Lance Stephenson: “A dog…He will run through a wall for you.”

Lonzo Ball: “He’s destined for greatness, I believe.”

Kyle Kuzma: “Steal of the draft last year. What he has done to his body and mind this off-season is going to be huge.”

Brandon Ingram: “Look out. I think he’s next.”


Fair assessments, not hype.


JaVale McGee is a stud rim protector with big game experience.

Caldwell-Pope scores twelve a night for his career.

Michael Beasley can get buckets. He’s another guy James is familiar with.

Everyone in Los Angeles is in love with Josh Hart.

I see a bouncy, fast, grimy defensive team. I’d guess they win 49 games and are a threat to everyone. It’s obvious he has a chance. He’s LeBron freaking James!

I’m picking the Warriors too. This Lakers team will be more ready to dominate in coming seasons. Don’t tell me LeBron is the greatest ever, but “CAN’T WIN” this season. Do I have more faith in the King than you do? You want him to be Mike, but don’t hold him to Jordan standards.


Jay C. Brandriet





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