Jay C. Brandriet


Let’s ask a real difficult question.

Who is the best shooter you have ever seen play basketball?

If you made me choose just one, it would be Stephen Curry.

I’ll leave all the stats and records out. It’s just a feeling.

Even if it’s 51 percent, the majority of you would say….

“Steph Curry is the best shooter of all time.”

He’s the first guy I remember to make a 30 footer feel like a free throw, and a half court heave seem like a reasonable three.

Curry is creating a generation of players, that will look like him.

He’s an NBA pioneer.

Steph’s ability from distance, hides that he has supreme handles and passing skills.









The debate goes way beyond marksman like Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, and Larry Bird.

The names go for days.

Curry would easily lose shoot outs with his Warrior teammates right? Klay and KD could tell us.

No way he left his own backyard unblemished in the game of H-O-R-S-E. His brother is third all time in three point percentage. His dad is 38th.

I think what I’m getting at is, how can how can one person be the best shooter?

Everyone that plays, shoots.


Your neighboor.


Street ball.


The high school legend.

Church ball.


The guy from Hoosiers.

Best shooter of all time?

The label we have given Steph Curry is amazing.


Jay C. Brandriet





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