Jay C. Brandriet


How complete was Michael Jordan’s game? Nobody could explain it better than a legend who mirrored him, and a bitter rival in an objective mood. These quotes are about MJ’s fundamentals from the minds of Kobe and Isiah.


Kobe Bryant on his first game against Michael Jordan-


“It was a great lesson for me. Michael was very tactical and very efficient. It was his movements. There was no wasted space. There weren’t any wasted dribbles. He was very surgical with how he approached basketball. You could see it in the way he made the game look so easy. That is very difficult to do.”



At different points, MJ was the best driver, post player, and mid range jump shooter in the sport.











January 25th 1998

Utah Jazz at Chicago Bulls

Bob Costas and Isiah Thomas were the commentators for NBC.


Costas: “MJ gets Hornacek off his feet, and swishes it home.”


Thomas: “The fundamentals. The simple fundamentals. The pump fake. Wait until he fly’s by. Goes up and sticks the shot with perfect form.”

“Michael Jordan has all the moves. Everyone concentrates on his great moves, but look at the simple things. That’s what makes him the great player. It’s not the flashy things. It’s the little, simple things that he does. It’s his fundamental base, combined with his skill base, that makes him the greatest player to ever play.”


Costas: “And you say that without hesitation?”


Thomas: “Without hesitation.”


Costas: “You weren’t always convinced. There was a time where you wouldn’t have given him that honor. Eventually he won you over right?”


Thomas: “When your’e playing against him, you know your’e not going to say that because you have to come out and compete against the guy. Now sitting over here on the mic… being out of the game the last three or four years…and watching what he’s done….without question, MJ is the best I’ve ever seen play.”


Jay C. Brandriet

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