Jay C. Brandriet


Michael Jordan is no stranger to setting NBA records.

One that always turns heads is his playoff scoring standard.

It was April 20th, 1986.

Round one. Game two. 

The Chicago Bulls versus the mighty Boston Celtics.

In a double overtime loss, Jordan scored 63 points. 

This could be Michael’s most famous outing. 

It’s the day Larry Bird called him, “God disguised as Michael Jordan.”

It was far from the best MJ ever played, but it will always be known as his coming out party, 

This record has stood tall for 34 seasons.

It seems like a vulnerable number now. 

What will separate Mike’s output, is he did not attempt one three pointer.











There are three reasons this mark is going to fall. 

Records are made to be broken. 

There are so many brilliant scorers in the modern NBA. 

The three point shot has taken over the sport. 

For perspective. 

That afternoon in 1986, both teams combined to shoot twelve three pointers.  

Last week the Houston Rockets alone, took 56 of them. 

In his most prolific scoring season (37.1 ppg), Jordan took less than one three point shot a game.

Two years ago, James Harden attempted 13.2 a night. 

That helped produce an eye popping, nine outings with 50 plus points. 

Damian Lillard had three 60 point games this year. That’s Wilt Chamberlain territory. 

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell just had 57, and 51 points in his first round matchup with Denver.

On one of those afternoons, his opponent Jamal Murray dropped 50. 


The writing is on the wall. I wanted to mention it before it happens. 

It might be five years from now, or it could be later today. 

I don’t think this MJ record will last much longer. 


Jay C. Brandriet  





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