Jay C. Brandriet

The game of college football continues to show itself in the pros. The running quarterback is becoming more common than at any point.

I enjoy watching Deshaun Watson and Kyler Murray.

There are different ways a quarterback can be mobile.

Dan Marino and Tom Brady mastered manipulating and climbing the pocket.

Joe Montana had sweet, light feet.

There is the escape artists like Favre, Romo, and Flutie.

Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes are super dangerous on the ground. John Elway was as well. Right or wrong, I feared those guys more as move to throw players.

What about when the quarterback takes off down the field?

From the perspective of a fan, these are the running QB’s who scared me the most.

(I’m only rating the guys I’ve seen in real time…1985 to 2021).

#10- COLIN KAEPERNICK- Kaepernick had a thin, muscular build. In his six playoff games, he had awesome running performances in four of them. I almost chose Culpepper here, but Kaepernick was scarier to me.

#9- STEVE MCNAIR- Picture a slower Herschel Walker, who could throw. McNair would have lineman draped on him before he ultimately made the play. Steve’s legs in his Super Bowl loss, lifted his legacy.

#8- DONOVAN MCNABB- Frightening QB coming off a naked bootleg. McNabb could spin and twist with the best of them. He once scrambled 14.1 seconds before completing a bomb down the field.

#7- RUSSELL WILSON – He would be frustrating to compete against. He knows when to run. The baseball player in him is a smooth slider, and knows how to avoid contact. Wilson already has 4.500 rushing yards.

#6- KORDELL STEWART- Before someone like a Taysom Hill, was Kordell Stewart or “slash.” Stewart was the first passer I’d seen, who looked like a running back once he took off. A legit back by the way.

#5- CAM NEWTON- A few years back “my” Cowboys were playing a road game in Carolina. As Cam was on his way to about a 50 yard gain, I remember the feeling of what an “unfair player” he was. Towards the end of the run, two Dallas corners jumped on his back. I wanted to jump on as well. The eleven dudes on defense didn’t seem like enough. Newton has 70 rushing touchdowns.

#4- STEVE YOUNG- One of the cleanest passers to ever live, was also one of the best runners. Young was a hard nosed athlete, with some nice wiggle.

#3- RANDALL CUNNINGHAM- Randall’s movement and style remains aesthetically pleasing and unique to this day. He was like a 6′ 4″ elastic band.

#2- LAMAR JACKSON- He’s more than just the shiny, new toy. At age 24, Lamar has already established himself as one of the most electrifying players in NFL history.

#1- MICHAEL VICK- The Michael Vick experience, was a real thing. He had the same quality as Barry, Bo, and Deion. When the ball was in Mike’s hands, the anticipation was thick. This guy could pick up seven yards on accident.

Jay C. Brandriet

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