Jay C. Brandriet

Drew Brees retired earlier this week after 21 memorable seasons in the NFL.

When I think about number nine, I picture Thanksgiving day 2010. The Dallas Cowboys were leading the New Orleans Saints late in the game. My stepdaughter Samantha texts me, “Cowboys are going to win.” Instead of letting her be eleven and accepting the support, I had to use it as a teaching moment. I wrote back. “three minutes is a lifetime for Drew Brees.” It didn’t take long for Drew to complete a 55 yard pass. That was followed up by a game winning touchdown throw. He was just one of THOSE quarterbacks.

My favorite Brees moment is a selfish one. In a must win matchup for Dallas at the end of the 2009 season, the Cowboys beat a 13-0 New Orleans team on the road. Drew was visibly let down at the podium. Taking any piece off a guy that good, is always a treat. Plus, as Cowboys fans we get excited about anything good these days.

Brees made six feet, seem like six foot two. He was a gritty competitor who threw darts. He threw them accurately.

His presence and leadership were evident in those pre game huddles. He was a dog. He was one of the fellas.

Brees has always given me a Roger Staubach/Tim Duncan/firecracker vibe.

He made the Pro Bowl as a San Diego Charger.

Drew did what everyone asks of the greatest quarterbacks. His team won a world championship. He made the trip worthwhile grabbing the games MVP.

With 18 playoff starts, he probably feels some big ones got away.

He made up for it by being one of the sports noteworthy record breakers.

Brees relationship with head coach Sean Payton was symbolic of his strong run.

His relationship with Louisiana, and what he did after Hurricane Katrina will be his legacy.

Brees helped elevate the game.

I’d estimate he is somewhere between the 6th to 8th best quarterback of all time.

A one time “All-Pro” member who’s closer to a legend, than a Hall of Famer.

Jay C. Brandriet

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