Jay C. Brandriet

Jazz nation watched game 7 of the Clippers/Mavericks series with heavy interest today. Los Angeles prevailed and will head to Salt Lake city to begin round 2, on Tuesday night.

I think the general feeling among the fans here, is that it would be tough either way. Everyone talks about how the Jazz struggle with bigger wings. The locals may have “preferred” Dallas. I wanted the Jazz to play the Clippers.

First off, I love Kawhi and wanted to see him advance. He’s the biggest reason a Jazz supporter does not want to see L.os Angeles. Leonard is one of the best to live.

I’m more of a Jazz friend, than a Jazz fan.

It’s hard for me to observe how disrespected the Utah Jazz are. I’m talking about the same organization with the second most regular season wins since 1995.

While they have been appreciated by some basketball brains, most of sports television and radio isn’t buying this squad.

The Jazz are often brought up, so someone can say they are not relevant and always fall short. Even Joy Taylor who was being fair to them the other day, just had to call them “broccoli.”

The state of Utah takes its fair share of jabs along the way too.

Those that have followed the Jazz for a long time, have a mind set their team is usually looked over. They want respect.

Want some right now?

The Clippers are Hollywood. People like to talk about them. These shows will adore the Jazz more for losing a hard fought battle to L.A., than they would honor them for beating Dallas.

These writers and personalities will struggle to predict this series. Many will take the characters they know from L.A., over what their eyes and numbers tell them from this season about Utah. The Clippers will get the benefit of the doubt, and the benefit of their fame.

This is a terrific matchup. I’ll take the Jazz in 7 games.

I know the title would do all the talking anyone would need. Jazz fans can worry about that ring. I’m a friend. I’m looking out for your reputation. I think Utah is about to become the newest cool kid in school.

Jay C. Brandriet

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