Jay C. Brandriet

When we talk about LeBron and Jordan, we place them in dramatically different eras.

In some ways that true.

They never played against each other in an NBA setting.

MJ was in his rookie season in Chicago, the same winter “King James” was born.

We tend to think, “rules in Michael’s era were like THAT.” “The way things are in LeBron’s time are like THIS.”

“James is here NOW. Mike did his thing WAY BACK THEN.”

We overstate these things a bit.

The game has changed a ton in my lifetime, no doubt. The three point volume alone is staggering.

However, the league MJ arrived in, was much different when he left.

Bron will play so long, the sport will have evolved multiple times.

These two have a lot of crossover with peers. Think of the coaches, league employees, teammates. and opponents they shared.

I think we forget just how close their careers were together in proximity.

Jordan’s last game in the NBA was April 16th 2003.

James made his regular season debut October 29th, 2003.

That’s six and a half months separation, from performing on the same stage.

I think it’s better the way things turned out.

There is more mystery to this hypothetical matchup.

It creates more room for exaggeration and imagination for the debates.

Did we need to see year three Wizards MJ, go up against the stud teenage rookie?

Probably not.

So while it’s true they are from a different time, LBJ and Mike’s days in the NBA were not that far apart.

Jay C. Brandriet

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