Jay C. Brandriet

As this seasons NFL playoffs approached, I felt confident the Green Bay Packers were going to win the NFC.

Last Sunday they went out in the divisional round, courtesy of the rugged San Francisco 49ers. It was more than just a painful loss for the home team.

It felt like the worse defeat of Aaron Rodgers career.

Odd statement to make about a lengthy journey, that’s about to translate into a fourth NFL MVP?

Unfair because he won a Super Bowl Championship in 2011?


In a what have you done for me lately sport, that’s a lifetime ago.

Aaron Rogers is SO great, one title doesn’t feel like enough.

His immense talent, specific opportunities and failures, combined with criticism suggest he’s held to G.O.A.T. standards. That’s why some of the heat is fair.

Sometimes in the ultimate team sport, it’s ultimately remembered for one player.

His personal stuff? I’m not a doctor or a priest. I’m attempting to judge him at his day job.

Media and fans are piling on him. He’s being called a “loser” and “choker.” I’ve heard he’s “not THAT guy” multiple times.

Colin Cowherd will often say about Aaron, “he’s arrogant, aloof, and doesn’t cultivate relationships.” He points out Rodgers will, “bail out on any play call he doesn’t like. He will lead QB’s in throw aways to protect his stats, and has become conservative in crisis.”

Some of these things true? In some form, sure.

Rodgers is better than Brees and maybe even Roger Staubach.

I’d likely choose those two over Aaron to lead my locker room.

Everyone has preferences.


I’m not looking past Mahomes modern skills, Marino’s release, or Elway’s arm.

Many of us before last Saturday, viewed Rodgers as THE premier passing talent of all time.

He will kill you in the clutch doing something you’ve never witnessed.

His best plays are among the best to exist.

After Peyton Manning’s prime, it was Aaron that football experts were comparing to Tom Brady.

NOW he sucks?

If Eli Manning will be a “dirty Hall of Famer”, Ben Roethlisberger will be a “dirty first ballot Hall of Famer.”

What level is Rodgers at his lowest team success moment?

A “dirty legend?”

At age 38, I think he can still win big.

This explosion of doubters and haters will make his second ring, seem like a third.

Let’s be careful ripping Rodgers.

Jay C. Brandriet

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