Jay C. Brandriet

Scrolling through social media yesterday, a title of an article caught my eye.

“Is LeBron more ATHLETICISM or SKILL?”

Those two things have layers to their meanings. They can also be intertwined.

I didn’t read the piece, because the question annoyed me.

The answer is OBVIOUS.

James is more skill than athleticism.

James athletic ability is his x factor/separator/difference maker.

It’s why he was compared to Jordan, before it was necessary.

It’s why from a physical force standpoint LBJ seems like a Wilt, Shaq, or Karl Malone.

Chamberlain may be the most impressive athlete overall.

On the court, James will have more athletic impact than any player we’ve EVER seen.

Even with that?

His skill is more of a factor, in why he’s great.

Jay C. Brandriet

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