Jay C. Brandriet

Some players have multiple nicknames and others don’t have one at all. Shaquille O’ Neal has about fifteen of them. Some guys are known by their initials or abbreviations. I’ve had to leave off some fantastic examples, but here are my favorite NBA nicknames.


#30- “BIG PAPER DADDY” (Ricky Pierce)

#29- “THE MACHINE” (Sasha Vujacic)

#28- “BABY JORDAN” (Harold Miner)

#27- “EARL THE PEARL” (Earl Monroe)

#26- “THE CLAW” (Kawhi Leonard)

#25- “KING JAMES” (LeBron James)

#24- “BLACK FALCON” (Harrison Barnes)

#23- “THE PLASTIC MAN” (Stacey Augmon)

#22- “SILK” (Jamaal Wilkes)

#21- “CHOCOLATE THUNDER” (Darryl Dawkins)

#20- “THE CUSTODIAN” (Brian Cardinal)

Shaq gave D Wade, Tim Duncan, and Paul Pierce their primary nicknames.








#19- “THE TRUTH” (Paul Pierce)

#18- “BIG GAME JAMES” (James Worthy)

#17- “GRANDMAMA” (Larry Johnson)

#16- “THE ANSWER” (Allen Iverson)

#15- “THE HUMAN HIGHLIGHT FILM” (Dominique Wilkins)

#14- “THE BLACK MAMBA” (Kobe Bryant)

#13- “MR. CLUTCH” (Jerry West)

#12- “AIR JORDAN” (Michael Jordan)



Payton’s cousin told him, “you’re holding KJ like a baseball in a glove.”











#11- “THE GLOVE” (Gary Payton)

#10- “ICEMAN” (George Gervin)

#9- “THE DREAM” (Hakeem Olajuwon)

#8- “WHITE CHOCOLATE” (Jason Williams)

#7- “DR. J” (Julius Erving)

#6- “THE BOSTON STRANGLER” (Andrew Toney)

#5- “SKYWALKER” (David Thompson)

“Magic” perfectly fit the player. The name is so prominent, many don’t know his first name.









#4- “THE MICROWAVE” (Vinnie Johnson)

#3- “THE BIG TICKET” (Kevin Garnett)

#2- “THE MAILMAN” (Karl Malone) R.I.P Russ Riggs

#1- “MAGIC” (Earvin Johnson)


Jay C. Brandriet

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