Jay C. Brandriet


Paul Pierce made the internet very angry. I’m not sure why.

On a pre game television segment called “Truth Serum”…Pierce was asked who the better player was….himself or Dwyane Wade?

“That’s easy. I can say right off the bat that’s me. Give me Shaq, LeBron, and Bosh when I was young. I’d be sitting on five, six championships. I played my first ten years with who?”

The sports world freaked out. A lot of folks around the NBA, including Wade’s loved ones were offended.

I get that Dwyane is a lovable figure and it was time to be sentimental as he was leaving the game.

What was Paul supposed to say?

I believe Dwyane Wade was better than Paul Pierce. Ninety percent of you agree with me.

If I picture their primes, Wade would be about the fourth best player in the world. Pierce would be in that 12 to 16 range.

I remember D Wade being a superstar and Paul being an upper shelf All-Star.

Pierce does not the see the gap between he and Wade.








Listening to world champions over the years, one thing stands out. They ALL think they were the best.

Bill Russell talked about how his Celtics would handle the 1980’s Lakers.

Those same “Showtime” Los Angeles clubs have said they would whip today’s Golden State Warriors.

The current Warriors have spoken of taking out the 1990’s Chicago Bulls.

A member of that Bulls team said they would “sweep Golden State.”

Getting paid to give his opinion is only a side note. Paul was asked to compare himself to someone he competed with for high stakes, and defeated on 31 different occasions.

Someone with his resume, doesn’t have the same awe for D Wade as we do.

You may not agree with him. Paul Pierce didn’t say anything wrong.


Jay C. Brandriet







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