Jay C. Brandriet



Who do you consider to be an “exciting football player?” None of us would be right or wrong. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To come up with this list, I thought of guys I’ve watched sine the late 1980’s.




#50- PATRICK MAHOMES- I know it was only a season. Did you see him?

#49- LE’VEON BELL- Every back hesitates, but not as well as Le’Veon.

#48- CHARLES TILLMAN- “Peanut” was always making something happen. He made punching the ball out an art.

#47- DOUG FLUTIE-  A hint of Tebow magic, plus some. Flutie had “it.”

#46- CHRIS JOHNSON- Chris was going to take it to the house. Many times he would travel 80 plus yards.

#45- JULIUS PEPPERS- He reminded me of a giant cat.

#44- J.J. WATT-  Props to J.J. Watt for finding a way to be sensational, in a gritty role.

#43- JOEY GALLOWAY- There was something smooth about the way Joey would blow by people.

#42- DESEAN JACKSON- Dangerous playmaker.

#41- THURMAN THOMAS- Incredible balance. Thurman was hard to knock over.

#40- JUNIOR SEAU- His fire and passion jumped off the television.

#39- RAY LEWIS- He made coming out of the tunnel an event. Ray was like the Godfather for many of his NFL peers.

#38- TOM BRADY- When you start in nine Super Bowls, excitement becomes part of the package.

The Michael Vick experience.









#37- AARON RODGERS- Rodgers skills and Hail Mary’s alone, allow him an invite to this party.

#36- DARREN SPROLES- So much wiggle and speed.

#35- BRIAN DAWKINS- Dawkins was playing a character while on the field. “Wolverine” was fierce. His pre game speeches were intimidating.

#34- CHAD JOHNSON- As good as he was at receiver, Chad seemed like more of an entertainer at points.

#33- TONY ROMO- Want a game winning drive? How about a horrible fourth quarter pick? Romo was box office.

#32- DARRELL GREEN- Green had a knack for the big moment, and running down fast humans.

#31- JOE MONTANA- The hotter the situation got, the cooler Joe became.

#30- CHARLES WOODSON- A complete football player.

#29- RONNIE LOTT- The idea Lott could locate and hit you, was always lurking.

#28- LESEAN MCCOY- Two times, I lost sleep over the Cowboys having to play “Shady.”

#27- CHARLIE GARNER-  To me, watching a Garner run was like getting the pink starburst.

#26- KORDELL STEWART-  When “slash”  would turn up field, he felt like a legit running back.

#25- JOSH CRIBBS- Youtube!

#24- ODELL BECKHAM JR. – When you’re mesmerizing in warm ups, you make the cut.

#23- DANTE HALL- “The Human Joystick.”

Barry was like a robot, built to evade tacklers.








#22- CALVIN JOHNSON- When Calvin was triple teamed, the matchup felt about even.

#21- DEXTER MANLEY- Because he scared me.

#20- STEVE SMITH- Smith was explosive. If you only heard his words, you’d think he was a prize fighting comedian.

#19- DAN MARINO- “Watching Marino in the pocket was like watching a great matador.”             (Steve Sabol)

#18- DEREK THOMAS- It was hard to take my eyes off of Thomas.

#17- TERRELL OWENS- “Get your popcorn ready.”  (T.O.)

Nobody gained so much respect, with so little time put in (39 games) as Bo.








#16- FRED TAYLOR- Among the purest runners, Taylor is overlooked.

#15- STEVE YOUNG- The most efficient passer of his era, scored 51 times on the ground.

#14- MARSHALL FAULK- Key to the “greatest show on turf.” Marshall had big brains and style.

#13- LAWRENCE TAYLOR- Taylor changed how offenses had to block.

#12- TROY POLAMALU- He was like a wild man with a plan…with hair flowing behind him.

#11- JOHN ELWAY- I picture John completing a 40 yard pass, across his body….in the clutch.

#10- JERRY RICE- He performed the same way he dressed in his uniform…with precision.

#9- BRETT FAVRE- His face should be next to the definition of “gunslinger.”

#8- ED REED- Ed could anticipate. When he touched the rock, it was showtime.

#7- RANDY MOSS- The go up and get it. The ball skills. Moss was electric.

“Prime Time” was a walk it, talk it athlete. He had an Ali like swagger.










#6- DEVIN HESTER- Hester was a master at his craft. He sucked the life in and out of stadiums.

#5- RANDALL CUNNINGHAM- Randall was like a long rubber band, who could throw 30 touchdown passes.

#4- BO JACKSON- Bo is widely regarded as the “best could have been guy” in NFL history.

#3- MICHAEL VICK- Thrilling. He could run for eight yards on accident.

#2- BARRY SANDERS- The ultimate make you miss player. Barry was a breathtaking back.

#1- DEION SANDERS- The best cover corner to play, was also as dangerous as anyone with the ball in his hands.


Jay C. Brandriet

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