Jay C. Brandriet


People from Utah feel a proud tie to Jerry Sloan. He’s a legend, and should be the third statue next to Stockton and Malone at the Jazz arena.

Hubie Brown is the person I look up to most in pro basketball. He’s like the Yoda of the NBA/ABA.

I was able to interview Hubie for the first time in February of 2007.

I asked him what he thought of Jerry Sloan’s influence on the game.

“I was fortunate to be an assistant in 1973 and 74 with Milwaukee. We had the best record both years, but we could not shake Chicago. They had Sloan and Van Lier in the backcourt. They had Chet Walker and Bob Love. I go back that far with him.

He was a great player. He gave his heart every night. He was one of the best defenders in the league and one of the best chemistry guys.

He’s taken what he had as a player, and put it into his coaching. There are guys with more championships, sure. Once he landed with Frank Layden, and got his opportunity….There are not guys who can say year in and year out that they maximized their potential as a team, more seasons than Jerry Sloan.

Jerry has been the epitome of what coaching should be. It’s forcing the players to have chemistry, to understand their obligations, and to be accountable. When you watch his Utah teams play, it’s always a joy.

Sloan coached 27 total seasons in Utah. He made the playoffs 16 years in a row.











If your’e a fan, you know your team will play hard every night. They will be more than five guys, and they will share the basketball. At the end of the season, most years you’re going to be one of the toughest outs that we have in the NBA.

Anybody that’s been in it since the 1970’s, will step back and always pick Jerry Sloan as one of the top coaches in the history of the league.”


Jay C. Brandriet



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