Jay C. Brandriet


The NFL world let out a sigh of relief this last Saturday. The New England Patriots were eliminated by the Tennessee Titans in an AFC Wildcard game.


It seems everyone has decided “the dynasty is over.”


The narrative then turned to 42 year old Tom Brady, who is being chased down by Father time.


Will he retire? Will he finish his career with another organization?


Tom answered some of that yesterday when he posted on Instagram.

The last line read, “I know I still have more to prove.”

Does he?

I understand we have hit the point of burn out when it comes to Tom and his Patriots.

The mud is being thrown in a variety of directions.

I’m hearing the following things.

“Brady has never won without Belichick.”

“He’s not the G.O.A.T.”

“I thought he was supposed to be able to do the most with the least.”

“It’s a team game, and Tom has come along for the magical ride.”

“The AFC East sucks.”

“He’s a cheater.”



Bill Belichick IS the greatest coach of all time. True.

Football is the ultimate team game. Everyone needs help.

Brady’s clubs have had a ton of good defenses in his twenty seasons.

New England has owned their division. They don’t need to apologize for it.

Don’t assume your favorite team could win the AFC East every year.

“Deflategate.” Are you serious bro?


Because nobody else can compare to Tom Brady, the haters are going to pathetic lengths to drag him down.

Your’e trying to demean the best QB to play, because his coach is also the best at what he does?

The coach being better than the player is not a good argument.

An attack from the inside?

It’s predictable like a classic mob movie. At some point, dudes get greedy, turn on each other, and guys come up missing.


Coach Belichick and Tom Brady have been THE central figures in a dynasty that’s lasted as long as the TV show “Gunsmoke.”

They did it together. Both men get the credit. You can decide how to split it up.


“Along for the ride?” No. Brady has been the one driving for a long time.











Let’s be clear about who Tom Brady is, in a league that just celebrated Birthday number 100.


When you play the most important position in the sport….


When your’e a three time NFL MVP…….


When your record as a starting QB is 219-64…..


When you have played in 41 post season contests, and won 30 of them…..


When you start in 13 AFC Championship games…..


When you go to nine Super Bowls and win six of them….


When you are the Super Bowl MVP four times…..




Do you see a pattern here?


Who coached Brady, or who his teammates were, ALMOST becomes a side note.


HIS contribution is obvious and should speak for itself.


For me, I thought Brady became the greatest quarterback of all time Thanksgiving day 2014.


It’s difficult to claim anyone is the “best football player to live.”


I could make an argument for 25 different athletes.


NOT ONE of them has a better resume than Brady.



Prove what to who? Max Kellerman? Rob Parker? My buddy Jeremy?


I get this is a how a psychotic competitor like Brady sees things.


Number 12 has nothing to prove.


For those of you who don’t get it, I bet he proves it anyway.



Jay C. Brandriet











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