Jay C. Brandriet


Sometimes it’s obvious who the best player is, and sometimes it’s debatable.

Right now, it may be both.


Last year my top five looked like this:

#1- Kawhi Leonard

#2- Kevin Durant

#3- LeBron James

#4- Giannis Antetokounmpo

#5- Steph Curry


Previous to that season, I had LeBron James in the number one spot for eight straight years.

The most fair time to rate a player is late June.

It’s the All-Star break, so let’s take a snap shot of this current moment.


Who is the best player in the NBA? 

It’s LeBron James.

As we hit early summer, there will be two men who can challenge him.

Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo.


Did I miss anyone?

James Harden? No.

Luka? Not yet.

Anthony Davis? I watch him play with James, and LeBron is better.

Giannis is currently having the best PER season in NBA history. He and his team are tearing up the league. It’s his time. To be the best, he needs to prove it with his deepest playoff run.

Kawhi has proven he has all the mental and physical tools to stand on the highest peaks of greatness. Legendary two way player. His load management approach makes it feel like he needs to take another trip to the Finals.

Giannis is my mid season MVP. I’ll claim James is the best player in the game.








If LeBron went anywhere, he’s back.

It’s his control of the game.

It’s his passing and his power.

It’s that spin move where guys are harmlessly bounced off his back side.

It’s his leadership and getting his defense back to form.

It’s the nights where there are flaws in his performance or numbers, yet he still dominates.

It’s while his basketball brain is at its finest, his athletic force has slipped so little it’s not worth measure.

It’s King James unwillingness to surrender to father time.

He has some competition at the top, but this second? I think LBJ is the best.

I may be giving him two percent extra credit, because of past achievement.

It feels like the others have to chase him down.

Like old times, the crowd is looking up at LeBron.


Jay C. Brandriet

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