Jay C. Brandriet

After Tom Brady and Bill Belichick parted ways, we knew it was going to mean a couple of things.

The chatter about “who deserves more credit for the dynasty” was going to increase.

It also meant everything they do without each other will feel like a subtle boxing match going forward.

Brady and his Tamp Bay team are off to a nice start.

Belichick and his squad seem to be playing backwards and find themselves on the under side of .500

There was going to be narratives written by this point in the 2020 season. It was going to be an overreaction. Brady gets to start in the perceived drivers seat.

Here comes the noise.

An article today in Forbes was titled, “Tom Brady is making Bill Belichick look foolish.”

LOL. Is he?

Would Brady look foolish if the Pats win the next four games in a row? No.

New England Patriots fans have become so numb to winning, they started to focus on other things.

“Who gets the VERY VERY VERY MOST CREDIT, for the longest running dynasty in pro football history?”

What a greedy question. Coming apart from the inside, like the end of a mobster movie.

We are seeing this Brady/Belichick thing all wrong.

One is the best coach ever, and one is the best quarterback ever.

There are some solid arguments for others.

There is no debating the best coach/QB combination.

Let’s face it together.

Tom and Bill are the most dominant force in the history of the NFL.

In different roles, of the highest importance.

They are both tied together for life.

Think of how driven and smart each one of them are. The amount of hours they spent together went beyond coaching and playing. When you put in that much time with someone, in the business of competition, while needing detail and harmony? You become one mind. In some aspects, they are the same guy.

Why is the focus on the breakup? The story to me is how long they were together. The point of the story is the staggering amount of games they won.


I don’t think it’s a question than can be answered.

For fun, I’ll say it like this.

If you factor in the things Belichick has accomplished in the coaching field, I think Bill has had a better career than Brady. When Tommy Boy was five years old, Bill was busy at his day job….molding Lawrence Taylor.

More credit for the dynasty?

I’ll say Brady 52-48 because coaches coach, and players play.

The defenses want some credit too. Trust me.

Watching how each of them do without each other, and hopefully against each other will be fun. It will matter to their legacies, sure.

It won’t change how they needed each other, to become the greatest.

Jay C. Brandriet

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