Jay C. Brandriet

It’s been a very odd season in college football. It is 2020 after all.

In the midst of covid, BYU had to re create its schedule. Based on all that’s happening its fortunate they’ve been able to get in nine games.

They have won them all, and in impressive fashion.

They have faced multiple schools, many of us had never heard of.

It must be noted the Boise State matchup was going to be THE game of their regular season.

BYU 51

Boise State 17

That business was handled.

The Cougars have been hovering around that number eight spot in the two polls.

They and Cincinnati have been perceived as this years “lower level party wreckers.”

Last night I had ESPN on in the background. I noticed they were about to reveal the 25 ranked teams.

I saw BYU was 14th. I blurted out “wow”, and turned up the volume.

The panel was shocked by this placement.

They said regardless of your takes against BYU, they needed to be ranked higher.

The next segment came on and they were ready to move on to more prominent topics. One guy goes, “I’ve got to go back to this BYU thing real quick. I appreciate the committee wants to use analytics here, but what about the eye test man. This team is physical.”

A bit later, I go to where the cover is a picture of Cougar players. It sat next to the words “surprise” and “BYU disrespect.”

Under that was a video of head coach Kalani Sitake. Beneath his picture were the words, “We’re not afraid to play anybody.”

Was BYU slighted a bit? Sure.

Feeling dissed at number 14 is a good place to be.

I’m coming from an objective place here.

I’m an NFL die hard, who just “likes” college ball.

I’m a not a member of the LDS church, yet the Mormon in me comes out on BYU game days.

I didn’t want or need to see the Cougars even sniffing around for a National Championship this year.

With that schedule?

Come on guys. Let’s beat Utah first.

That said, these Cougars are real good.

The O line is power and harmony.

QB Zach Wilson isn’t just on his way to the NFL, he has the league drooling.

At this point, I just wanted to see BYU crush San Diego State in a couple weeks and get themselves to 10-0.

Then I would like them to play an opponent with a quality name.

I’d then prefer to see them win or be incredibly impressive in a loss. This would validate their run.

BYU has a tremendous football history. Their passing was once so prolific, it helped change the pro game.

This was the original “Quarterback U.”

Though still mostly successful, the schools football glory days seem to have been in the rear view mirror.

This squad is on fire, but the fans are showing a little greed.

Top six?

That’s not what they really wanted.

What would’ve happened if BYU was ranked ninth yesterday? Nobody outside of BYU fans or residents of Utah would even bring it up.

There is more upside in the slight, than the ranking you were looking for.

The players can use this for serious motivation the remainder of the way.

College football is a beauty pageant.

The national media just gave you a ton of attention and love.

Today I talked about Steve Young and Taysom Hill.

I talked about the amazing Lavell Edwards Stadium.

I thought about 1984, and Ty Detmer’s Heisman.

I thought about upcoming recruiting.

This all reminded us of who they used to be.

BYU also let us know, they believe they are back.

BYU got what they really wanted.

Jay C. Brandriet

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