Jay C. Brandriet

Last night LeBron James became the all time leader in turnovers.

The players that touch the ball the most, are going to give it away.

If you dribble the basketball, pass it a ton, and play forever, you are the perfect candidate. You would be LeBron.

Look at the 25 guys with the most turnovers ever. One of them was very good, and the other 24 were great.

Did we ever mention the previous leader, Karl Malone?

It’s not like Tony Romo after three cocktails, throwing picks in the backyard bad.

It’s more like Kobe Bryant having the most missed shots from the floor, all time.

It’s like the honorable side of sloppy.

“King James” news is a natural part of the news cycle.

This milestone landed softly.

If you cheer against LeBron night to night, it’s a tough existence.

There are five things you can hope for each game.

That he loses.

That he will fail in the clutch (there are some who still believe the 15 year old narrative that James struggles in late game moments).

A bad flop if you get lucky.

Pay attention to his free throw percentage.

Count his turnovers.

When you are THE supreme athlete in the games history, you will produce volume.

LBJ fans tend to love stat totals. His final number of turnovers won’t be approached.

He will smash so many league records, it’s difficult to wrap my mind around it.

LeBron gets to be the turnover king too.

Jay C. Brandriet

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