Jay C. Brandriet

It’s been a wild couple weeks for newly acquired Andre Drummond.

In his Lakers debut, he injured his toe and had to limp off the court.

Drummond has been one of the most underrated NBA players of my lifetime.

I can justify a huge reason he seems to lay low.

He hasn’t even flirted with team success. Zero playoff games won. Can’t run from that.

He stinks at the free throw line, and can struggle finishing at the rim.

The upside here?

Andre has led the league in offensive rebounds SIX times. It was nearly seven.

He’s been top five in blocks and steals. He’s a career 14 point a night scorer, who makes 54 percent of his field goal attempts.

Over the last 45 seasons, TWO guys have more 20 point, 20 rebound performances.

Looking at it like game to name ratio, he’s nearly invisible.

Basketball reference believes he is currently “1.9% of a Hall of Famer.”

Last week Youtuber Mike Korzemba called Drummond “overrated.”

How can you be overrated, when you’ve only been rated for two weeks?

Skip Bayless said , “welcome Kareem Abdul-Drummond, Lakers savior. Allow me to say how sorry I feel for this young man. He’s been thrust into a spotlight he does not deserve.”

He’s not being asked to be a savior. He’s being asked to defend, on the best defensive team in the sport. Andre doesn’t have to be who he was in Detroit or Cleveland. He can be prime Tyson Chandler or DeAndre Jordan. He’s being asked to be the third or fourth best player, for last seasons champion. Easy money.

The “spotlight” factor is playing for the Lakers, not because their fans expect him to be Shaq. With a decade of quality work, there’s nothing wrong with Drummond getting some shine.

A guest writer on ESPN radio noted, “he’s a decent addition. I don’t expect him to be much of a factor in the playoffs.”

Everyone’s talking about the Nets, and I get that.

Utah is not getting the love their dominance deserves.

There’s at least three more teams that could win it all.

The Lakers?

This Andre Drummond signing should be taken seriously.

LeBron James was just handed a 27 year old, four time rebounding champion.

I’m assuming Drummonds health will be good, and he will stay in Los Angeles for a few years.

I’d expect two things.

A shiny new ring.

A Hall of Fame meter that goes from 2 percent, to about 47.

Jay C. Brandriet

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