Jay C. Brandriet

Two years ago I wrote a piece called, “Is Julian Edelman a Hall of Fame player?” At the conclusion, I said no. I believed he was “78 percent of the way there.”

The last line read, “what’s clear is, he’s arrived at a point where he matters to NFL history. There is no need to giggle. As a Hall of Fame candidate, Edelman is not a joke.”

It’s two years later, and Julian just retired.

Nothing happened to get him over the hump.

Edelman is a nice talking point when it comes to HOF discussions.

Julian had an all time great playoff career. We all see that as the time of year that matters most.

His regular season trail was “average”, or “solid.” It’s unspectacular side, shines a light on how the regular season DOES matter.

A college quarterback and special teams stud. He often dominated from the slot. He would come in and out of his breaks so easily. Tough. Clutch. He was someone worth worrying about on Sundays.

Hall of Fame?

My initial feeling is, no.

IF he gets in, it should take decades.

Nick Wright called him “Derek Fisher.” I could buy Fisher and Robert Horry combined.

Isn’t Edelman a better Amendola? A Wes Welker with rings?

My favorite quote on this today came from Marcellus Wiley.

“Is it crazy to say Edelman is a Hall of Famer?” No. It’s also not the sanest of thoughts.”


Edelman had that amazing catch against Atlanta.

Drew Pearson caught the original “Hail Mary.” Pearson was known for making big plays in big games. He was named to the “All-Decade Team” of the 1970’s. It took him 32 to years to get the call from Canton.

If Cliff Branch isn’t in? We have problems here.

Hines Ward was one of the very best blocking receivers. He was a two time champion. He was a Super Bowl MVP (like Julian). He played in four Pro Bowls (Julian zero). Ward scored 96 total touchdowns (Julian 45). Nobody is rushing Hines to the Hall.

Art Monk won Super Bowls. He was a technician. He was a record breaker over a 16 year career. It took Monk 8 years of eligibility to get in.

Cris Carter was a superstar. His toe tapping grabs were sensational. He waited six years.

Andre Reed waited nine!

Sterling Sharpe won’t be inducted. It would take two Edelman’s to stack up to him.

Torry Holt had skills that made his own peers drool. He won. He dominated his primary decade as much as any wide out ever has. The Hall is taking a nap on him.

Is Edelman better than Anquan Boldin, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, or Reggie Wayne?

I’m not arguing against Julian’s accomplishments. I just feel like I would take 50 other receivers over him.

Darren Woodson was a stone cold hitting machine. He was part of three world title teams (like Edelman). He has more tackles than any other Dallas Cowboys player that’s lived. He was a special teams star. He’s been eligible for 13 years.

Terrell Davis was THE best football player in the world for three seasons. Eight years later, he finally had his day.

About 40 percent of you don’t think Eli Manning belongs in this elite club. Yet he had a full, iron man like regular season. Add to that, TWO Super Bowl MVPs, playing the key position in the sport.

Some of you beat me up for saying Philip Rivers B plus career will get him in.

I think Willie McGinest and Vince Wilfork make more sense for nomination as Patriots.

Drew Bledsoe won’t get in. He’s more elite than Edelman was. How much better is Julian than someone like a Kevin Faulk?

Picture a busy July Saturday at Lagoon. Remember the amount of people waiting to ride the log flume in Pioneer Village? Julian is the guy at the very back. Edelman fans better like long lines.


If you’re a New England Patriots legend, in the Tom Brady era?

That means you will never be forgotten.

His fans want that bust in Ohio.

The magic Edelman has already felt, will likely have to do.

That’s an easy pill for him to swallow.

A TON of special athletes, will never make it to the Hall of Fame.

Very few will become post-season and Super Bowl heroes.

Jay C. Brandriet

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