Jay C. Brandriet

As the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 56 rolled around, the game’s MVP was very much in doubt.

I had five candidates in mind, who would need to step up in crunch time.

It was an exciting finish.

Los Angeles Rams 23, Cincinnati Bengals 20.

As I thought about the Most Valuable Player, my brain drifted to……

“Kupp wins. He scored twice. He took a beating, and kept being the difference maker when everyone knew he had to be. That jet sweep on 4th and 1 was epic.

Aaron Donald a close second. Best player in the NFL, literally closing the deal. His last two stops were fairy tale good.

Stafford does play the key position. He had three touchdown passes, and a game winning drive. I’d vote him a distant third.”

They gave the award to Cooper Kupp.

The voters didn’t have a lot of time to soak in the choice, so I was impressed.

Monday morning, it was a hotter topic than I expected.

A bunch of media members, especially former players, said the award should have gone to Donald.

When it was all on the line, both Rams were equally spectacular.

My rational at the time was, tie goes to the offense.

It is an offensive league.

Only nine defensive players have ever received this trophy.

In a perfect world, Kupp and Donald would be co-MVP’s. That hasn’t happened since 1978.

Did they get the Super Bowl MVP right?

They didn’t get it perfect.

They got it right enough.

Jay C. Brandriet

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