Jay C. Brandriet

You know that guy who says they let too many people in the Hall of Fame?

If he’s talking about pro football, he’s lying.

There is a major log jam to enter the gates of Canton, Ohio.

How many guys have played in the NFL?

How much do we know about the league’s 102-year history now?

Four to eight people get in annually?

Do the math. That’s not enough.

The new Hall of Fame class was announced last week.

No first ballot guys made it.

No big, fancy names included.

Didn’t see a quarterback.

This group had athletes, who had been eligible for 32, 20, and 16 seasons.

Forget the men who will make it for sure.

This class made me think of more low-key names, that have strong arguments.

These were the players selected.


He only played in 91 regular season games. Tony was super dominant. This was a quality, not quantity selection. The first Jacksonville Jaguar to receive a gold jacket.

Sterling Sharpe officially deserves entrance. 3 times All Pro, and 5 Pro Bowls is identical to Boselli. Sharpe hit the same level. He also played in 21 more games.


A special needs student, who told his mom he would get her out of the projects at eight years old. LeRoy is credited with the Lambeau Leap.

This ensures Darren Woodson will get in. We know Earl Thomas did nice work. I’d need to see Deron Cherry get the call someday. Our minds can’t be closed to Tim McDonald and Eric Weddle.


Teammates called him “the Hulk.” We get it. Seymour was always making it at some point. The resume shines with 3 rings, 3 All Pros, and 7 Pro Bowls.

Some more New England Patriots defenders are still due. Willie McGinest, Vince Wilfork, and Rodney Harrison to begin with.


He was a member of the Saints “Dome Patrol.” He was terrorizing guys, standing just 5’9″. Derrick Pearson told me he belonged. I was a bit late to get that. Special dude.

Makes it obvious that James Harrison will have a bust of his own.

Zach Thomas and Terrell Suggs better get speeches ready. There’s some stud linebackers in the shadows. Karl Mecklenburg, and Wilber Marshall were incredible.


The 1994 49ers were as sexy as rosters get. It’s unsung D lineman like this that make it all work. The men who tried to block Young fought for his enshrinement.

This sparks images of Charles Mann, Mark Gastineau, and LaRoi Glover.


It took THIS long?

Where is Lester Hayes? Randy Gradishar? Roger Craig? The modern guys will be easier to reward. I told you. Log jam!

There were three spicy names that were eligible for the first time.

DeMarcus Ware, Devin Hester, and Andre Johnson.

They can wait a minute. Two of them should be Canton bound next season.

I’ll think of 2022, as a year the Hall did some responsible house cleaning.

This HOF class was boring, but perfect.

Jay C. Brandriet

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