Jay C. Brandriet

Kevin Durant and his Brooklyn Nets just got swept by the Boston Celtics.



I picked Boston to win in 6.

After game 2, I was super confident the Nets would take game 3 back in Brooklyn.

Not so fast.

The Celtics dusted them over four contests.

Kevin played a bad game 1, and a worse game 2.

On attempt number 3 he was making solid passes. and was efficient shooting the ball. He also seemed like he was trapped inside of himself. Afterwords admitting he’s “thinking way too much in the series.”

Durant had the basketball taken away repeatedly.

In the fourth game, he came alive to play low level well. He could not finish the job in crunch time.

KD was swept for the first time in his career, and likely played his most disappointing series to date.

A lot of people are killing him. They are questioning his mental toughness, ability to “lead his own team to a title”, and even readjusting his place among the greatest players in NBA history.

Any performer with elite status, deserves criticism when they fall short.

Let’s get a grip though.

KD is a made man.

This story was more about how impressive Boston was.

You want to question what Kevin may accomplish going forward?

That’s fair.

You want to reassess his level on a large scale?

No chance.

The worst you can say is his all-time rank didn’t improve in 2021-22.

It doesn’t remove this guy from being one of the 13 to 18 greatest players to ever live.

He is far from done.

Does this really change KD’s legacy?

Ya, over the summer maybe.

Everything good and bad matters to a player’s aura and resume.

Durant haters and LeBron fans are allowed a small party over it.

In the end, it will be a micro memory.

All legends screw up.

Jay C. Brandriet

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