Jay C. Brandriet

I’m a big Stephen Curry fan.

It goes without saying, I’m cheering for him in this year’s NBA Finals.

His Golden State Warriors are there for the sixth time in eight seasons.

I don’t see Kevin Durant on the court. Klay Thompson was coming off more than 900 days’ worth of time recovering from injuries. There are some new faces, coming up with similar results.

They still shoot, pass, cut, and defend on a high level.

Just getting back to the championship round, is an accomplishment.

Let’s be honest though.

What really matters is the next three weeks.

This will be a glorious moment, or a punch in the gut to Steph’s legacy.

Though he was robbed a Finals MVP in 2015, he doesn’t have one.

The question this week has been, IF Steph wins this title AND he balls out, is he a top ten player of all time?

He would be within flirting distance, but no.

Curry has more important things to worry about.

The Warriors are slight favorites over the Celtics.

Three rested Hall of Famers with home court advantage?

I can buy the oddsmakers logic.

The crowd however is acting like it will be a cakewalk for Golden State.

The crowd comes across like they’re sleeping at the wheel.


In round one, the Celtics were up 2-0 against the Brooklyn Nets. I told my buddy Dave, “If you’re guys can beat KD and Kyrie for a third straight game in their house, the Celtics are winning the East.”

They swept the Nets.

Since then, they have eliminated a defending champion, and a number one seed.

The Celtics are brawlers, who don’t lack finesse.

The roster is full of muscle and length. They can do anything defensively.

Jayson Tatum at age 24 is scary.

They do seem to make things difficult on themselves.

However, I don’t think this stage will overwhelm them.


When I watch the Warriors I think, “great story and I’m impressed they made it.”

When I see the Celtics I go, “damn they’re good! It makes sense they’re here.”

I want to wish Curry good luck twice.

The first time because I want him to do well.

The second time because I think he needs it.

Boston feels like the better team.

Prove me wrong Steph!

I’m picking the Celtics in a spectacular six.

Jay C. Brandriet

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