Jay C. Brandriet


Something cool is happening this Sunday night In Foxborough, Massachusetts. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will be on the same pro football field. These are the two best quarterbacks in the game today. While Rodgers is awesome enough to be in the debate, I don’t think Tom and Aaron should be in exclusive conversations for the G.O.A.T.  If you don’t believe Brady is the greatest of all time, you could still battle him with names like Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, and Peyton Manning. You could claim Staubach or Elway and not sound foolish. Drew Brees is climbing the ladder as we speak. Brady has the best case, obviously.

It comes across to me that Rodgers is pushed by the media as the G.O.A.T….to hate on Tom Brady. Aaron is close enough, then they push it over the edge because they despise the New England Patriots.

The question daily and mostly this week is…who is the better QB right now? To me, it’s obvious how to separate them.

Brady has had better teams and coaching. He is also the greatest winner to ever play football. The ideal leader.

He’s 58-11 in December.

He has regular season winning streaks of 18 AND 20 games.

Two NFL teams have winning records versus Tom(Carolina and Seattle). He’s paid them both back by beating them in Super Bowls.


These two are both A plus in the clutch. Brady has displayed so much more of it in January and February.








Rodgers has more tangible talent. He is also the most skilled quarterback to ever play the position.

Aaron’s movement, ball placement, and the knack to make jaw dropping plays has no equal. This dude has the “Hail Mary” mastered.

He has beaten “my” Dallas Cowboys in two different post season games. One of the them was on one leg, and the other on a miracle play only he could make. He’s a reminder you want your surgeons, pilots, and quarterbacks to be cocky.


Both of these guys have massive statistics and records. Brady doesn’t lack talent, and Rodgers doesn’t lack team success.

Who’s better? I’m not ranking anyone over Brady! I’ll give Rogers this…he’s too good to be called number two.

This is the only way it makes sense to separate them.

#1- Tom Brady

#1A- Aaron Rodgers

Tom’s resume is more overwhelming than Rodgers ability.


Jay C. Brandriet

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