Jay C. Brandriet


B.J. Armstrong played with Michael Jordan in his prime.

He believes you and I never saw MJ’s best.

He sat down with Kristine Leahy on her show, “Fair Game.”


“One thing that was clear among our group, is Michael did not like to lose at all. None of us like to lose. You play. You win some, you lose some. When he would lose, it was to the tenth degree. He could not accept it.

When he would win, he made sure you knew about it. During the game, during practice, in the locker room, he was just constantly on you.

When he lost, it was war. He was literally ready to fight. Our practices became more competitive than the games.

We never saw the best of Michael Jordan. What he did in practice was far superior to what he did in the games.

Jordan’s strength and curse is his desire to win at everything.











He was like an artist. He could experiment more in practice than he probably could have during a game. In that environment, he was that much more competitive. There was more talking. There was more trash talking.

You can ask anyone that was there. He would be that competitive in every drill. Not some of the drills. He would be that competitive in shooting contests, and every aspect of practice.

I wish I could have taped it. I wish everyone could have seen it. He was phenomenal during games, he was that much better during practice.”


How did Mike become the greatest?

To steal from my guy Allen Iverson.

Practice? We ain’t talking about the game. We talking about practice man.


Jay C.  Brandriet


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