Jay C. Brandriet

It’s a changing of the guard at quarterback for the New York football Giants. At the beginning of his 16th pro season, Eli Manning has lost his job. Rookie Daniel Jones will start this Sunday at Tampa Bay.

Eli has received some credit today. He’s taking some serious jabs as well. I’ve heard Manning called “lucky”, “average”, and “no way a Hall of Fame caliber player.”


Is Eli Manning a Hall of Famer?


The answer is a slow…..y-e-s.

He’s the weirdest level of greatness.

Eli is a four time Pro Bowl selection.

He threw for a lot of yards and touchdowns.

He also tossed around picks like they were loose change.

He won 116 games, and lost exactly as many.

Manning was smart, durable, and a quality teammate.

In his prime, I thought he was the third best QB talent in his own division (McNabb/Romo).

He might be the third best QB in his own family.

It really comes down to this.

Eli beat Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s Patriots in the Super Bowl…TWICE.

A perfect season was ruined along the way.

The way he handled pressure in those two contests, is now NFL art.

When you have two Super Bowl MVP’s, your other career scraps look better.








Leading up to those games, Manning had some stellar performances in the NFC playoffs. He beat what I thought were better teams. His Giants did it on the road and in severe weather.

Maybe Eli was more clutch than good.

We always hold it against Tony Romo, and all good QB’s for not winning enough in January and February.

Let’s stay consistent.

We have to give Eli extra credit for what he did on the largest stages.

Maybe he’s a “low level” or “dirty Hall of Famer.” Maybe he needs seven years post eligibility to get in?

Say what you will, this guy deserves to end up in Canton.


Jay C. Brandriet






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